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    Welcome to Yoga in Daily Life Bay Area


    We share the time-honored heritage of practical Yoga science in a modern setting, it’s undiluted, and so shares the immense potential that is Yoga.



    Beginners Courses



    Improve your health and well-being through an introduction to the basics of Yoga. You will learn a sequence of yoga stretches, breathing techniques, and deep relaxation, and how to systematically apply these techniques to harmonize body and mind. >more

    Meditation Courses



    Self-Inquiry Meditation is the doorway to helping and understanding oneself. Chakra Meditation courses help to experience & realize the inner qualities of the Divine Self (Atma).

    Workplace Yoga



    Specific yoga techniques are used to release tension in the body, calm the mind, develop a positive attitude, increase personal empowerment and renew enthusiasm to face challenges, within a workplace and your personal life.

    Private Yoga



    A private yoga session offers the opportunity to design your yoga practice to meet your unique individual needs. >schedule



    May 24, 2016

    Special Class: Yoga Postures and Exercise for Healthy Hands, Arms, and Shoulders

    Sunday June 26
    Cost of the session: $29

    Our sedentary work environments and computer work habits have become responsible for chronic pain and injuries to our hands, arms, shoulders and the back. In this therapeutic yoga class we will work on developing an awareness of better posture, learn correct movements to develop a well-functioning upper body, and reduce repetitive strain injury to your precious hands.

    Pre-registration is kindly requested by Saturday June 25th.


    March 25, 2016

    Yoga and Ancient Wisdom for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Saturday April 23rd
    Cost of the session: $29

    It is said 'beauty and good health result from simplification'. Yoga is more than physical postures. Your body, health and well-being can, indeed it must, change as you start implementing positive and healthy lifestyle habits. It may surprise you how the simple and practical pearls of ancient wisdom can lead to impactful and lasting lifestyle changes. Join us for our gathering and enjoy our home-made Indian Chai, healthy biscuits and live spreads! You may want to bring paper and pencil to take some notes.

    Cost of the session is $29. Pre-registration kindly requested by April 20th.

    March 21, 2016

    Beginner's Yoga Course

    Starting Sunday April 17th (for 6 Sundays)
    $96 with a bonus: 1 EXTRA FREE class from the class timetable per week

    Spring has arrived! As the season changes, what a wonderful time explore a beginner's yoga class that will provide you a framework to develop a progressive yoga practice.

    A practical course that offers you the A through Z basic foundations of a holistic yoga practice. You will learn: 1) Yoga exercises to stretch and strengthen your body; 2) Relaxation techniques to de-stress your body & mind; 3) Breathing practices to balance the nervous system; 4) Basic meditation for peace of mind.

    Suitable for complete beginners or those who would like to revisit the basics of Yoga postures.

    Bookings in advance are essential. Please register online through our website.




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