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Authentic Yoga in the Bay Area and located in the heart of Oakland, Amrit Sagar Yoga Center was founded in 2011. True to the ancient science of yoga, our center offers a genuine urban retreat and peaceful place to relax, unwind, restore health and fitness, and regain balance in daily life. In our classes you will find authentic Yoga practices and techniques, blending the ancient techniques for practical application in our daily lives. Specializing in a systematic, progressive approach, taught according to the internationally renowned system of Yoga in Daily Life®, it includes asanas (yoga postures), pranayama, self-enquiry meditation, yoga nidra, and relaxation as part of our class offerings. Our classes, and therefore Yoga, are suitable for everyone.





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AmritSagarAmrit Sagar


From an early age, Amrit Sagar was drawn to the profound connection between the power and beauty of nature, and its potential for happiness, balance, and well-being. At an age too young to have a spinal surgery and motivated by her own desire to heal a sports injury by a method other than surgery, she delved into studies of yoga including yoga physiotherapy, kinesiology, and Ayurveda with some of the finest teachers in the sciences around the world. It was then she started to experience the physical potential of yoga for strength, opening, and alignment that went beyond the physical activity she experienced during the many years of playing competitive sports. She began to unravel a level of learning that went beyond her brain and even her body; yoga was beginning to show her a quiet inside for which, unbeknownst to her, she had been longing.


In 2007, by a wonderful set of circumstances she met an authentic Yoga Master and Founder of Yoga in Daily Life®, Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheswarananda, in New Zealand. She immediately knew he was the teacher for her and since then she has been travelling around the world to study yoga and train under his guidance. With his blessing, Amrit Sagar Yoga center was founded in 2011. She continues training in yoga, meditation, philosophy, and the chakras and spend much time abroad. She is the Director at the Center and spends time there throughout the year sharing the richness of her yoga studies. She brings into her classes her passion for yoga as a profound tool for self-discovery, healing, and living a happy and healthy daily life. 





When Sam began to practice Yoga, she quickly realized how disconnected she was from her own body.  Having been a competitive athlete for most of her life she was amazed how unaware she was of her own being. Yoga awakened her consciousness, helping her to create harmony between body, mind and soul.  It has given her profound appreciation for the inner peace, quiet and happiness we are capable of achieving in the midst of the busyness of everyday life. Her Yoga Master, Swamiji, says “the essence of yoga and meditation is very simple; it is about your happiness.” For her, Yoga is the path to health and happiness, believing that and as we strive for both, we begin to understand who we are.







After more than 20 years of high-stress corporate life, John was showing the signs of middle age with weight gain, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.  He took his first ever yoga class with Amrit Sagar years ago and realized that yoga was something special; he quickly became determined to continue with his study of yoga.  Over the years of practice, the weight has dropped off and his blood pressure and cholesterol have normalized.  In hindsight, he realized how out of touch and out of balance he had become with his emotions and his own body. His yoga practice has continued bringing some balance back into his life.













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