Please email us for information on Yoga in Daily Life classes and retreats offered.

    Yoga for a healthy back and neck

    Mondays: 7:15pm - 8:30pm
    June 19, 26th, July 10th and 17th
    Please note, there will be no class on Monday July 3rd

    A nourishing class focusing on strengthening, stretching and relaxing the back and neck. Releasing tension and restoring muscle balance to the spine is a foundation of healthy alignment and having a well-functioning body. Through conscious relaxation, stretching and breathing physical and emotional tensions get released from our back and neck, increasing the ability of the body to deal with the rigors of daily life. 

    Cost: $15 a class or $55 for the series
    Please email us to register for the class


    Yoga and Ancient Wisdom for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Saturday April 23rd
    Cost of the session: $29

    It is said 'beauty and good health result from simplification'. Yoga is more than physical postures. Your body, health and well-being can, indeed it must, change as you start implementing positive and healthy lifestyle habits. It may surprise you how the simple and practical pearls of ancient wisdom can lead to impactful and lasting lifestyle changes. Join us for our gathering and enjoy our home-made Indian Chai, healthy biscuits and live spreads! You may want to bring paper and pencil to take some notes.

    Cost of the session is $29. Pre-registration kindly requested by April 20th.


    Chakra Meditation Course: Awakening of Kundalini Energy

    Starting Sunday April 17th, for 3 Sundays (April 24th and May 1st)

    7:30am - 8:30am

    $45 for the series, or $18 per session

    All the teachers at our Yoga Center agree, the morning is the best time to practice yoga. Starting your day with Yoga sets a tone of balance, focus and harmony for the rest of your day. Come in early to experience the benefits of meditation!

    Science today claims that meditation, through its positive effects on the brain and the nervous systems, improves our health and quality of life. Develop a deeper understanding of the mind, emotions and soul,  and connect to your own energy through Chakra Sodhan Meditation. Through focus on the body's sacred energy centers, Chakras or wheels of energy, the practitioner awakens kundalini (knowledge) within that aids to develop consciousness and harness the power within to heal and transform, to flourish composure and gain inner peace.

    Please register through our website.



    Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:45pm - Yoga for Vitality and Digestion

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    March brings the start of some exciting new classes for our Yoga Center. Introducing our first new class: This unique class brings together the authentic tradition of yoga with the latest research in the field of therapeutics and medical science to support our digestion, the source of our vitality. Many illnesses have their origin in the digestive system: headache, skin diseases, sometimes also cancer. The class offers guided, step-by-step instructions of the exercises and yoga postures (asanas) for the abdomen, to activate the abdominal organs, to counteract digestive problems, and to remove energetic blockages in the body, and more. The class concludes with breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation exercises.








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